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Lash & Beauty, hereby referred to as “the company,” “the business,” “us,” or “we,” and using such pronouns as “our,” is the trading name for Lash & Beauty, a supply store in Dublin, Ireland. It operates under the registration number **** and is headquartered at 102 Newtown Ave, Malahide Road Industrial Park, Coolock, Dublin, Ireland. For any legal notices or inquiries, contact ***

Contents of this Policy

This policy covers a variety of pertinent topics. It covers:

  1. About this Privacy & Cookie Policy
  2. What data we collect from you
  3. How we use your data
  4. How we share your data
  5. Whom we share the data with
  6. Cookies and how we use them
  7. Data security
  8. Your legal rights
  9. Further details

About this Privacy & Cookie Policy

This policy covers and explains how Lash & Beauty collects your data, what it collects, and how it processes it every time that you visit the website or use our mobile applications. The information contained herein may change at any time, as Lash & Beauty deems necessary and without notifying users. By continuing to use our site for browsing or shopping, you agree to the use of our PrivacyCookies, and Terms & Conditions policies.

Cookies and Your

We store small files on your computer and browsers if you agree. These files are cookies and are necessary for allowing us to understand your shopping habits. They also let us know how best we can improve our services to you. Approved third parties, including search engines, measurement and analytics service providers, social media companies, and advertising companies, may set their cookies too.

Further Details

For more information about this policy, feel free to contact us at Emieroseprofessional on Instagram