Lash & Beauty is a beauty products store revolutionizing how shopping has been for years. We have come a long way to establish ourselves as a premier and go-to brand with a vast following and trust among thousands of shoppers. With a clear vision, an expansive selection of products, and unbeatable prices, we are hopeful that we can be your dependable e-commerce site in Ireland and beyond.

About Lash & Beauty

Lash & Beauty is a name that speaks for itself when it comes to in-store and online shopping for beauty products. This is not only a beauty products boutique but also a reliable store that sources for and sells authentic and safe products. You can buy them today from the online store at Lash & Beauty and make a bold statement the next time that you are out proudly making a statement with the products.

The Lash & Beauty Difference

As a beauty shop that makes shopping easier regardless of where the customer is, Lash & Beauty makes a whole lot of difference. We sell a variety of beauty products that are not only original and safe for human use but that are also vegan and cruelty-free. If you are a shopper who believes in the preservation of plants, animals, and the environment at large, then you can do so proudly by buying and using our products.

Our Products and Services

There are varieties of beauty products that you can find at Lash & Beauty. These include expert-sourced and tested products and accessories, making sure that our clients can shop in confidence. Among the products that we have in stock, you can buy:

  • Emierose Professional Lash Range: These include a number of products such as eyelash extensions, premium tweezers, adhesives, lash accessories, and pre & aftercare range of products, among others
  • Emierose Professional Nail Systems: These Include gel polishes , top coats , builder gel , base coats, acrylic powders , acrylic liquid , broad range of nail tips an much much more.
  • Beauty ProductsThese include eyelash glue holders, electric fans, nail dust brushes, lash bed covers, antistatic hair extension brush

Shop Beauty Products Conveniently

You can buy vegan and cruelty-free beauty products from the comfort of your home or office. Visit the Lash & Beauty website for shopping. Place your order comfortably and take advantage of our smooth returns policy.

You can get in touch with us for inquiries, suggestions, compliments, or complaints. Call +353 01-8481380 to speak to our sales and customer relations experts.