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Lash Experts on Choosing the Right Eyelash Glue

Sourcing, storage, safety and durability—while choosing the right eyelash glue and Eyelash Glue Remover for your clients, plenty of things come into the role. And, we all know that the formula can make or break your reputation among your patrons. Therefore, choosing the right product is even more crucial than choosing the right space for the business.

Here is how you can do it: 

Consider environment 

When choosing the eyelash glue for your requirements, it is essential to understand the environment. The product must work as per the humidity of your area—otherwise, you might experience a too-fast or slow dry time that can eventually affect retaining. 

Storage and Safety 

Whether you’re purchasing Easyfan Volume or adhesive, make sure that you’re selecting a reputed vendor since formulation and freshness is the key to offering quality services to your clients.

The product should be fresh and developed by the reputed brand only. One thing that you can consider is the fast shipping of the adhesive since it does have a role in both storage and safety. 

At least, select the product which is preferably developed for the extensions and super safe to use around the eyes. The adhesive shouldn’t contain latex and formaldehyde. 

Another essential factor that you can consider to ensure that you have purchased the right product is troubleshooting strategy. Make sure that if there’s any service breakdown, your client would immediately let you know about it so that you can either get the product replaced or the vendor itself.

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